Under the Radar

Post 7

4th May 2017

A few people have contacted me kindly suggesting how I could expand the readership of this blog and invite comments on it.

The short answer is that for now I’m doing the writer’s equivalent of ‘lurking’. I’m happy for ‘The end Of The Tunnel’ to be stumbled upon by readers but I’m not yet putting it ‘out there’.

Just like Pochettino, I believe in practice and training. There are bloggers out there – ‘DML’ and ‘Tottenham On My Mind’ in particular – who do a great job of capturing the emotion of what it is to be a Spurs fan. I will be seeking a slightly different angle. But similar to Eriksen’s free-kicks, I haven’t found the top corner yet.

I’ve participated in Spurs Community (as ‘minesadouble’) for over a decade, but on a sporadic basis. Spurts of activity followed by weeks of silence. My day job gave me limited time to visit the site. Now as I wind down towards retirement, that is slowly changing. I’m here for the long haul.

So, if you’re reading this – welcome !

Feel free to subscribe, add to favourites, comment or just to come back whenever you like.

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