Post 32

West Ham 2 Spurs 3 (PL)

Apoel Nicosia 0 Spurs 3 (CL)

I am writing this brief post on my phone in Hong Kong. A combination of work and other issues prevented me from updating this blog straight after the West Ham and Apoel matches.

Both matches were won. Both mostly thanks to Kane. In neither game did Spurs play particularly well. Both wins had a ‘smash and ‘grab’ element to them. My mate Paul, a Hammers fan, was at the game and said it felt like Spurs stole in, got 3-0 up before West Ham noticed, and then dropped a couple of goals as we sped from the scene in our getaway car. I kind of get his point.

Harry did what Harry does. A very good centre forward, but a truly great goalscorer. The whole debate about whether he is a worldclass footballer is pointless. He is not and never will be Maradona or Messi. The media focus on dribbling & pace as the ultimate measure of greatness. Kane will never have that. Not to an elite level. But he has pretty much everything else. And Messi isn’t going to win too many heading or power contests against Kane.

Greaves was my hero. I saw him play. He remains the ultimate benchmark of English and Spurs scorers. Like Kane he passed the ball into the net. He scored goals of all types, including mazy dribbles and bullet strikes, but the memory is of him simply guiding the ball into the corner of the net, time after time after time. And Harry is the same. Perhaps even better. Time will tell.

As for his teammates? Winning while playing not at your best is a valuable skill to master. After the past two seasons, we have that now. Not to Chelsea levels yet, but better than Arsenal’s current team. Hopefully we can find last season’s form soon, in time for Liverpool, Madrid, United and the trip to Dortmund.

Dele doesn’t have his mojo but is still affecting games. Lloris seems a little apprehensive. The defence not quite at its resilient best yet. We need more luck with injuries. Shout out for Sissoko, though. And Poch for helping him, sticking with him, giving him a chance to play himself into the best he can be.

Now for Huddersfield.

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