The Story so Far #2

Post 40

25th October

Tomorrow sees the release of Guillem Balague’s book “Brave New World”, an ‘authorised’ account of Spurs’ 2016-2017 Season interwoven with a biography of Pochettino’s life so far. Intriguingly, it is written by Balague in the first person as if it is autobiographical. Apparently, a lot of revision work went into striking the right ‘tone’ of voice for Poch.

One of the seminal works on football was Hunter Davies’s “The Glory Game”, an account of Spurs 1971-72 Season, written from the ‘inside’, with Davies being given unparalleled access to staff, players, training ground, team bus, even the dressing room during an entire year. It was the first time (and one of the only times) that any journalist-author has been give such an insight into behind the scenes at a major club. It’s considered one of the 50 best sporting books ever written. It is worth reading, even today.

But “The Glory Game” wasn’t about Bill Nicholson. It was about a season at Spurs. Whereas “Brave New World” is about Pochettino’s Spurs specifically. Based on regular (generally weekly) interviews with the man himself, the book explores his influences, beliefs and techniques, and his mind set as the 2016-17 Season unfolds. Balague was also given ready access to the players and others to provide further insight into the man.

This Blog believes that Pochettino is an extraordinary human. His personality is about so much more than football. It’s principle-based. Just like Sir Alex Ferguson*, it isn’t hard to believe that Poch would have been a success in almost any other field. He just happens to be a football manager. So his influence on our players is far wider, and deeper, than just on them as footballers. I’m expecting “Brave New World” to be a management, business and philosophical book rather than just a footy story. The account of Mauricio’s life so far will be fascinating. I’ll write a review as soon as I’ve read it.


*  My Posts 4 and 5 (from April/May) discuss my views about Pochettino being the ‘Ferguson’ of this generation. Re-reading them today I feel even more convinced I’m right.


Every 20 Posts I post an Index of Posts to enable me to look back at what I wrote at the time (I never edit them with hindsight). Here are Posts 20-40:


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