The Sub Snubbed

Post 50

Spurs 2 Brighton 0

Snub is another word, like ‘insist’ (see Post 48), that has crept into the football media’s lexicon.

People are no longer able to just say ‘no’ to somebody or something. According to football journalists, they have to ‘snub’ them. The dictionary defines snub as meaning ‘to spurn disdainfully’. So if you offer to buy me a drink in a bar, I can’t reply ‘thanks mate, but I don’t drink, or I’m driving, or whatever’. I have to snub you. I disdainfully spurn your offer.

Toby Alderweireld snubs new contract offer!

Kane snubs Real Madrid!

This is the language of football, of tabloids and clicks. And now Dele Alli has apparently snubbed Pochettino for only naming him as a sub versus Brighton.

Or maybe it was Pocchettino snubbing Alli by not starting him?

The sub snubs the manager. Or the manager snubs the sub. Who knows?

As Pochettino said afterwards, “sure he’s not happy, but like any other player, he wants to play.” In other words, get over it. No headline here (it turns out Dele had a touch of flu anyway).

As it was, Spurs moved up from 7th to 4th with a solid but unspectacular win over Chris Hughton’s toothless Brighton. A lucky goal from Aurier and a late show from Son were enough. A balance of 75-25% possession and 25 shots to 7 (8 v 4 on target), 10 corners to 2, sums up the action. Brighton were well organized but unambitious, following the tried and tested model of aiming for a draw at Wembley, as similar-level teams have already managed this season.

It was good to see Erik Lamela back making his first start, after minutes in previous games. He struck a post and played decently, with hopefully more to come. Kane didn’t score but hit the post with a free kick. He has 3 more matches in 2017 to beat Shearer’s calendar year PL record.

After 17 games, we’re now 4th with 31 points (9-4-4) behind Chelsea with 35 and ahead of Liverpool and Burnley on goal difference.

Today we face Man City at the Etihad.

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