The Story so Far #3

Post 60

18th January 2018

I started this Blog nine months ago. Spurs had just crushed Bournemouth 4-0 in the Spring sunshine.

Since then I’ve sometimes asked myself why. I’m a private person. I’m not that interested in whether people find it, or read it, or not. I’m no good at technology or graphics. I don’t participate in heated online arguments. And anyway, there were already some good Spurs Blogs out there.

But I’ve persisted with it. Partly that’s my character. Don’t give up something you’ve committed to. But partly it’s because writing this Blog does something for me. It’s like a Diary. Not so much an emotional outpouring of my euphoria when we win, or my annoyance after a defeat, but a recording of my thoughts and analysis at a moment in time. I don’t want to be “wise after the event”. Instead, I want to call it as I see it and then discover if I was right as the future unfolds.

Here’s what I wrote back on 15th June 2017 (Post 16, “Reasons to be Cheerful #3”).

“Okay, so here’s the deal. The ‘narrative’ is that Spurs new stadium will affect our ability to sign and keep top players (for many years). It’s the easy assumption. I mean, it happened at Arsenal didn’t it? Most sports journalists and pundits aren’t very good at finance. They love a bandwagon. It’s another stick to beat Spurs’ ambition with.”

In a series of Posts over last Summer (categorized ‘Spurs Finances’) I argued that the lazy media narrative above would be proven totally wrong. And we’re about to start seeing that I was right. Over the next few months, new contracts for key players will increase our wage ceiling and, as 2018 rolls on, the bright future for our finances will become ever more apparent. I will post some more on this topic shortly.

Another reason I started this Blog was that I had decided (in a moment of financial madness!) to sign up for two seats in the Tunnel Club at our new stadium (image above). Hence the title of this Blog. “The end Of The Tunnel ( Come next Season I’ll be sat directly behind our manager and bench. Of course, my Blog title also expresses my hope that Spurs are finally emerging from the long tunnel of the Scholar and Sugar years, followed by the rollercoaster of steady progress and false dawns since then. I’m praying for the sunlight of Trophies and Glory.

Next Season I intend to increase this Blog’s profile. I’m not quite sure how yet. I’ll probably link it to other social media. I may involve ‘guest writers and articles’. I’m not certain if I want an active Comments Section or not. There are a lot of trolls out there. I’m only interested in constructive, informed, rational debate, along with a bit of genuinely humorous banter. Not kneejerk, negative and childish posts. And I don’t want to spend my time policing racist, homophobic or slanderous vitriol. So, we’ll see.

Sadly my two favorite Spurs Blogs have been put on hold. Spooky of DML (‘Dear Mr. Levy’) apparently stopped writing in December. Alan of TOMM (‘Tottenham on my Mind’) has advised us that from now on he’ll only be posting occasionally. Meanwhile, SC (‘Spurs Community’) is still a good place to go but it lacks original and informed content (too many of the links are to clickbait articles). CFC (‘Cartilage Free Captain’) does a nice job. I drop in on Reddit/COYS occasionally.

However, for now, I’ll just continue as I am. And if you’re reading, Welcome!

For reference, here’s an Index of my 60 Posts to Date

  1. ‘Spurs set up for Storybook Finish’ (Spurs 4 Bournemouth 0)
  2. ‘Reach for the Sky’ (Chelsea 4 Spurs 2 FA Cup SF)
  3. ‘To the Victor the Spoils’ (Crystal Palace 0 Spurs 1)
  4. ‘Tactics versus Strategy’ (on Pochettino)
  5. ‘Duel of the Fates’ (Spurs 2 Arsenal 0)
  6. ‘Price Tag’ (on the Economics of Football)
  7. ‘Under the Radar’ (on internet trolls)
  8. ‘And so it came to Pass’ (West Ham 1 Spurs 0)
  9. ‘A Glory Glory Night’ (Spurs 1 Wolves 1 in 1972)
  10. ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’ (Spurs 2 Man United 1)
  11. ‘Payback’ (Leicester 1 Spurs 6)
  12. ‘Live in the Moment’ (Hull 1 Spurs 7)
  13. ‘The Emirates’ (on Arsenal)
  14. ‘Reasons to be Cheerful #1’ (on Spurs 16/17 Attacking stats)
  15. ‘Reasons to be Cheerful #2’ (on Spurs 16/17 Defensive stats)
  16. ‘Reasons to be Cheerful #3’ (on Spurs Finances)
  17. ‘Match Day Income’ (on Spurs Match Day Income)
  18. ‘In the Lions’ Den #1’ (on Spurs Commercial Income)
  19. ‘Talksh*te’ (on Spurs apparent Transfer Inactivity)
  20. ‘The Story so Far #1’ (Index and on Spurs Ladies)
  21. ‘In the Lion’s Den #2’ (Spurs Finances – Expenditure)
  22. ‘Mexican Standoff’ (Sky & BT Contracts with the PL)
  23. ‘Walk on By’ (Farewell to Kyle Walker)
  24. ‘The Truth about Transfers’ (Behind the Clickbait)
  25. ‘Job Done’ (Newcastle 0 Spurs 2)
  26. ‘Standing for Something’ – (Pay our casual staff fairly)
  27. ‘Taking Stock #1: transfer window’ (Spurs 1 Chelsea 2)
  28. ‘Taking Stock #2: transfer window’ (Spurs 1 Burnley 1)
  29. ‘Slay the Beast’ (Everton 0 Spurs 3)
  30. ‘The Beast is Slain’ (Spurs 3 Dortmund 1)
  31. ‘Slow Starts and Hard Work’ (Spurs 0 Swansea 0)
  32. ‘Smash and Grab’ (West Ham 2 Spurs 3)
  33. ‘Harry, England and St. George’ (Huddersfield 0 Spurs 4)
  34. ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’ (Spurs 1 Bournemouth 0)
  35. ‘The Real Deal’ (Real Madrid 1 Spurs 1)
  36. ‘A Rose in the Sun’ – (on Danny Rose)
  37. Images of Spurs 4 Liverpool 1
  38. ‘Hoodoo? We do’ (Spurs 4 Liverpool 1)
  39. ‘No Place Like Home’ (on Wembley)
  40. ‘The Story so Far #2’ (Index and ‘Brave New World’)
  41. ‘Workplace Nightmare’ (Spurs 2 West Ham 3 Carabao Cup)
  42. ‘The Harry Kane Team’ (Man Utd 1 Spurs 0)
  43. ‘The Power of Three’ (Spurs 3 Real Madrid 1)
  44. ‘Talisman Sanchez’ (on Davinson Sanchez)
  45. ‘Depth and Perseverance’ (Spurs 1 Crystal Palace 0)
  46. ‘Money Talks’ (during the international break)
  47. ‘The Bad, the Good and the Ugly’ (Arsenal 2 Spurs 0)
  48. ‘I insist’ (Leicester 2 Spurs 1, Watford 1 Spurs 1)
  49. ‘Take a Bow, my Son’ (Spurs 5 Stoke 1)
  50. ‘The Sub Snubbed’ (Spurs 2 Brighton 0)
  51. Out-thought, out-fought and and out-played’ (Man City 4 Spurs 1)
  52. ‘Chasing Records’ (Burnley 0 Spurs 3)
  53. ‘The Greatest’ (on Muhammed Ali’s sayings)
  54. ‘Enough Said’ (Spurs 5 Southampton 2)
  55. ‘Swan Lake’ (Swansea 0 Spurs 2, Spurs 1 West Ham 1)
  56. ‘MVC’ (Wimbledon 0, Spurs 3, and on Daniel Levy)
  57. ‘Returning Home’ (on Bill Nicholson)
  58. ‘Gaining Ground’ (Spurs 4 Everton 0)
  59. ‘Contract Talks’ (Contracts and Transfer Rumours)
  60. ‘The Story so Far #3’ (Index and About This Blog)

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