Ball and Chain

Post 71

Spurs 1 Juventus 2


“We don’t think too much about the past. Of course, that is a very good stat but for me football is tomorrow – it’s not yesterday.”


 I’m starting this Blog with the same quote that Pochettino gave after we beat Huddersfield last weekend (Post 70). The past is the past.

This result was something many of us feared. Spurs are a very good team. We ‘outplayed’ Juventus over 2 legs in the traditional sense of ‘deserving to win’. In particular, during the second half in Turin and the first half at Wembley, Spurs dominated possession, territory, chances and individual battles.

Yet we lost. During two brief periods, we conceded 4 goals. Undoubtedly Toby was a big miss in both games. At least, a fully fit and focused Toby would have been. With him at his best we win both legs. That’s not to criticise Jan and Davinson. It’s just fact.

“Spurs always miss something at the end. It’s the history of Tottenham.”


Quite what makes Giorgio Chiellini such a student of THFC I don’t know. Fine defender, yes, but he’s just recycling pundit cliché. The past 2 seasons haven’t been used as evidence of Spurs’ progress in the media. They’ve become a stick to beat us with when we’re down.

Giorgio continued, saying; “We knew Tottenham have fantastic players and are an amazing side – but they concede many chances every game.”

Well, Spurs had 23 chances to Juventus’s 8, and 6 of ours were on target to their 3. So however you look at it, they conceded more chances than us (including 6 corners to 1). The simple fact is they took 2 of their chances. And lady luck smiled on the Old Lady more than it did on us.

Mauricio Pochettino is right. We can’t change the past. Tomorrow is all that matters. But history is a ball and chain.

Which will make defying history and winning all the sweeter when it comes.

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