Post 77

Contributed by my son Ed.

Stick with me through this, it’s long and it takes some turns. 
 The pundits are playing the fans like a fucking fiddle, and you’re all dancing to their tune. 
 They’ve made everyone, rival fans alongside our own fans, believe that we should be winning things and that to not do so is a failure.

They’ve managed to push the narrative that we’re level with the other clubs. And maybe we are, ability wise. 
 Money. Wins. Football. Money and a good manager (hired with money). And we’re still in sixth on the money table. Forget Europe, where we’re barely even top ten. All we, and every team that isn’t at the top, can do is overachieve.

Overachieve like Burnley this season, and like Leicester two seasons ago. And like we have technically, to a lesser extent, been doing for three seasons now. 
 I’m not asking for praise for this, not calling this some grand achievement that the football world should celebrate. But it’s perspective, and it is being lost. 
 For us to finish 3rd, then 2nd, and this season still be fighting for top 4, all while building a new stadium, competing admirably in the champions league this season, and reaching FA cup semis two seasons running, is brilliant stuff.

Don’t let people tell you otherwise. We’re not failing, we’re ahead of schedule. By multiple years. We weren’t meant to be this good this quickly, or at least Levy and Poch probably weren’t expecting it. We stumbled upon some world class players on the cheap, and reached destination Top 4/CL Campaign multiple years early. So the expectation changed. 
 Call it small club mentality, I don’t give a shit, my conscience is clear. I know what I want from the team, and the board, and they’re still delivering it.

So no one should be calling for Poch’s or players’ heads. They’ve done a good job. Pundits know what rival fans (the majority) want to hear, and what our fans dread hearing and will get the more vocal ones calling into 606 to defend/attack. They’ll say that the team has a problem with letting their heads drop when things aren’t going our way. Maybe they’re right. But they’ll conveniently forget Turin, coming back from being 2-0 in TEN MINUTES against a side widely recognised as one of the best defensively in Europe.

They’ll even forget Stamford Bridge, a mere month ago, going 1-0 down there and fighting it out to dominate them. 
 Did I watch a different game to everyone else yesterday? People were calling out the players for lacking any drive, and giving up. I didn’t see players that had given up, I saw players that had run out of ideas. That’s a very different thing, and it’s understandable when you’re playing a bus. 
 That’s been our downfall this season.

The bus.

We finished second last season, and half the teams sat up and said “Shit, Tottenham! They’re good now! We need to sit back, try to nick goals, and maybe escape with a point or three”. And sadly we weren’t prepared for this, we don’t have the players for it, for breaking down a wall of ten red-shirted men. Eriksen is good. He created our goal yesterday with his run, but he’s not a one man army, he can only do so much.

We reportedly have a decent chunk of money for this summer. We need players that can make runs, break up defensive lines. Some will say we already have these players. Well, they’re not working. So we need more/different new ones. 
 You’re not gonna help your players or manager by turning on them. You want to be like the fucking Arsenal fans now? They let their expectations get too high, higher than where they actually are in the world of football, and now they’re fucking miserable.

I want trophies for our club. So badly, I want them. But if we haven’t won them, we don’t deserve them. If we win them, it’ll be when we deserve them. 
 Let rival fans attack our team. Poch and the players want success just as much as we do, fucking trust me, they do. So leave that to them, and they’ll leave the SUPPORT to us.


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