United we fall

Post 76

Brighton 1 Spurs 1

Man United 2 Spurs 1 (FA Cup Semi)

I will leave it to Ed, the older of my two sons, to put the past couple of weeks in perspective (see Post 77). As he says, for us to finish 3rd, 2nd and hopefully Top 4 in three successive seasons is brilliant stuff. We are, to echo Bill Nick, aiming high.

On a footballing success-to-financial clout ratio Spurs continue to overachieve. Only Burnley this season can compete with us on points gained per pound spent.

Of course it’s frustrating. Losing to Man City, drawing with Brighton and being knocked out of the Cup by United was a run of three awful results just when the team needed to accelerate to the tape.

We wanted silver. Last season it was Chelsea (Post 2, ‘Reach for the Sky’). I wrote “What struck me more than at White Hart Lane in January, is that Spurs now really are (just) better than Chelsea. It’s just that Chelsea are still better than us at winning tight games like this one.”

And last Saturday it was the same. We fell again. We’re better than United. But they’re still better than us at games like this, tight semi-finals, that boil down to mistakes; not making them ourselves – and punishing any they make.

So our season at Wembley will end without the Final our play has deserved. Players will leave over the summer without a last hurrah. There is even a fear that we will blow the CL in the final 4 games; matches against West Brom, Newcastle and Leicester, clubs that make Spurs fans’ nerves jangle.

It isn’t easy being a Spurs fan. It was never meant to be.


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