Job Done

Post 25 Newcastle 0 Spurs 2 13th August 2017 Last May, after we’d murdered Leicester 6-1 (Post 11), I wrote that this Spurs team are building a habit of taking terrible revenge. I said if I were Newcastle, I’d be afraid. Very afraid. In the event, today’s retribution was surgical rather than bloody. The scalpel […]

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Live in the moment

Post 12 Hull 1 Spurs 7 28th May 2017 Sometimes a week can seem a very long time. I travelled to France straight after the Hull game and have spent the past week with a dodgy internet signal. But following the atrocity in Manchester on Monday night, blogging about football was the last thing on my mind. Spurs […]

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Post 11 Leicester 1 Spurs 6 19th May 2017 Brutal. Revenge is a dish best enjoyed cold. Last night Spurs munched and spat out the team that cost them the title last season, and caused 2 dropped points at home earlier this season. Leicester were like sushi. Mostly they slipped down easily. Occasionally there was a […]

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Somewhere over the rainbow

Post 10 Spurs 2 Manchester United 1 15th May 2017 Yesterday was glorious. I seem to have written that before! Two weeks ago, Spurs swatted Arsenal aside in the North London Derby. And yesterday, in the last ever match at the old Lane, Spurs defeated their most glamorous domestic rival of all; Manchester United. For […]

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And so it came to pass

Post: 8 West Ham 1 Spurs 0 8th May 2017 Somehow I knew. ‘Gut’ is an amazing thing. You know something in your gut. Gut feel. That instinct that man has been refining since prehistoric times. Sometimes it’s just adrenaline. Pre-fight nerves. Tension. Danger. But occasionally you just know. There’s a bullet with your name […]

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Duel of the Fates

 Post 5 Spurs 2 Arsenal 0 1st May 2017 Yesterday was glorious. And, for me, yesterday was like meeting an ex-girlfriend and realizing she’s no longer important to you. For a while, after the two of you broke up, you worry about bumping into her. How do you look? Does she have a new bloke? […]

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To the Victor the Spoils

Post 3 Crystal Palace 0 Spurs 1 27th April 2017   A gritty, uninspired one-nil. The type of victory that Fergie’s Man United teams built numerous PL titles on. Go away, don’t concede, nick a goal and get back on the coach with the 3-points. The very sort of victory that, as a club, Spurs […]

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