Plan B

Post 72 Bournemouth 1 Spurs 4 (PL, 11.03.2018) Swansea 0 Spurs 3 (FAC, 17.03.2018) Spurs have bounced back from our CL exit with 2 comfortable away wins. In doing so, Poch revealed a ‘Plan B’ designed to cope without Kane. Instead of bringing on Llorente as the nearest option Spurs have to a like-for-like switch, […]

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Onward Christian Soldiers

Post 34 Spurs 1 Bournemouth 0 (PL), Eriksen Never mind the quality, feel the win. Without being anywhere near our incisive best, Spurs dominated Bournemouth, registering a first PL win at Wembley and consolidating 3rd place in the table. As if to make his teammates’ point for them, Kane failed to score, leaving Eriksen upfront, […]

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